What is PollCart?

PollCart is a forward-thinking new platform that turns shopping into an authentic Social Commerce® experience. Our users can easily know the consumer opinions of friends and loved ones after they decide to make a purchase. With PollCart, you can share your shopping experience in the same way you share your status updates, moods and feelings through your favorite social media platforms. We ultimately aim to empower consumers and help them make informed purchases based on the opinions and suggestions of real people they actually trust!

PollCart works with online stores to create an approval poll for an online purchase. The buyer creates the poll as part of the checkout process and validates her card for the item, distributing the poll. When the item is approved by one or more contacts, the online store charges the card and processes the order, shipping the item. Our targets include abandoned shopping cart items; big ticket items a customer might otherwise wait for or never buy and fun items typically bought with a group, similar to taking your friends shopping at the mall.

PollCart makes a percentage of the initial cart polled and sends the contacts links to approve the item with referral information, and affiliate sales billed at a higher percentage of the total purchase. PollCart eases the minds of buyers who may otherwise return the item or simply not make desired purchases. The few steps and short time required to create and complete a poll guarantee faster shipment and receipt than traditional forms of opinion gathering. Because the buyer only has to visit a site once, the question of whether or not she will return and purchase the item is not a concern.

PollCart’s landing pages shows the participants votes and comments, giving the voters opportunities to change their opinion or suggest alternatives with item links on the participating website. PollCart gives the user options to share their results on social media and share anonymized product poll feedback with the retailer. The users can create an account for additional features or maintain anonymity as a guest, communicating with PollCart’s API through encrypted links.

The PollCart team is currently creating a demonstration environment for the patent-pending technology and business process using the popular Shopify platform. The first version of our plugin will be available to Shopify ecommerce platform users first and soon thereafter customizable via custom API integration into any ecommerce platform or conceptual license for in-house integration.

PollCart aims to shed light on the informational black hole that exists during the time between a user’s first visit and expressed desire for a product and their possible eventual return to purchase the item. We aim to pry the items from sitting in an eCommerce shopping cart or wishlist for often months or years. PollCart is a new platform on a quest to turn shopping into a social experience and let users share their opinions. PollCart: Empowering consumers through opinions they actually trust!


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  1. The PollCart plugin is now available to Shopify ecommerce platform users through the Shopify App Store. Contact us regarding custom API integration into any ecommerce platform or conceptual license for in-house integration.

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