Uber of X: Is PollCart the Twitter of shopping?

Laura Entis recently wrote an Entrepreneur magazine article called ‘We’re the Uber of X!’ where she challenged the idea of simply creating a company to be the uber of lawn care or dry cleaning or whatever. It made me think about my “Going to the mall with you friends…” metaphor I frequently use when I describe PollCart’s power to make commerce social. I took it as a challenge to provide content for three new domains—uberofshopping.com, facebookofshopping.com and twitterofshopping.com—and create PollCart elevator pitches that answer the question: How is PollCart the X.com of shopping?


Uber is a tool used by professional drivers to find riders. The idea of a driver without Uber exists; he could sit at a corner in a black Mazda and approach pedestrians about perhaps climbing into his car. He could perhaps paint his Mazda yellow, get a taxi license and put a sign on his Mazda letting folks know that it would be safe to get in his car, dealing also with cash transactions and manual credit cards. Or, he can join the Uber force, drive to high-traffic areas and wait for Uber to send him the name and location of folks waiting to be picked up with linked accounts for secure payments.

I’m taking a business approach to Uber’s advantages because PollCart is a B2B product primarily. Just like riders ride with the Uber app, but drivers have the biggest opportunity to flourish with the platform. Buyers use PollCart, but the online retailers gain the greatest advantage from utilizing PollCart as a way to help buyers decide to go through with an otherwise-stalled transaction. Running an eCommerce site without PollCart—the Uber of Shopping—is like the Mazda driver hoping to court pedestrians when it comes to social buying dilemmas.


The common value that PollCart shares with Facebook is vision. It’s not a question of who uses PollCart, it’s a question of how YOU use PollCart. I like to think they’ll make movies about my cut-throat business skills and creative genius, but for now, I’d like to think there’s a PollCart for everyone, kind of like how pretty much everybody either has a Facebook, shares an account with a partner or hates/avoids it and everyone they wen to high school with thinks they’re dead.

Facebook, like e-commerce is a daily part of most people’s lives and we intend to inject our brand of social commerce into each online purchase a consumer is willing to give us the opportunity to convert. We know not every purchase is a PollCart purchase, but we believe we’re working on a real verb. “Hey Jeff, how’ve you been? Facebook me.” becomes “Hey Jeff, should I buy this? I’ll PollCart you when I check out!” PollCart is the Facebook of Shopping.


So why do I like Twitter? It’s instant, a timesaver. My followers can participate at any level they choose. If I share something cool, word gets around. I can share a product with a group of friends without feeling salesy. My friends can communicate with me about pretty much anything. Hmmm… those are many of the reasons I like PollCart.

But Twitter isn’t part of the e-commerce retail checkout, and PollCart is. So lookout out world, the Twitter of Shopping has arrived!


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