Should Your Business Be Using an SMS Payment System?

This has probably been a hot topic for a while—should you transition to an SMS payment system, or stick to old methods? While this may seem like an intimidating decision, it’s not so scary once you educate yourself about the positives and negatives associated with an SMS payment system.

The Benefits

Nearly everyone has a mobile device now, which means that there are a lot of positives to using an SMS payment system—for both you and your customers. First, SMS payment systems are usually much more convenient for customers, making it a lot easier for them to pay you—and what business doesn’t want more sales?

Second, SMS payments usually use a third-party system, which comes with potentially significant benefits for retailers who use this payment system. For example, using a SMS system decreases company expenses when you don’t have to spend hefty sums on sale equipment, paper, and ink. Furthermore, an SMS payment system improves company cash flow, speeding up payment transaction processes.

Common Concerns

While there are so many benefits to using an SMS payment system, it doesn’t come without its share of concerns. The biggest concern most merchants have with SMS is lack of security. When using online payment platforms, there is always a small risk of fraud and hacking.

However, there are also several ways to combat security concerns so that you can feel more confident using an SMS payment system. First, make sure that you and your customers implement some type of authentication verification. That way, it makes it much more difficult for hackers to steal credit card information. Second, make sure that you use a certified mobile payment platform with good security. Finally, educate customers on telling the difference between fraudulent information versus safe information, like fraudulent emails or apps.

Embrace the Change

As your company is considering moving your payment system to a SMS payment system, recognize that the business world is forecasted to shift from old-fashioned methods to doing everything online—including online payment methods. Rather than being forced into the transition later, you should consider making the decision now to transition from the past’s tried-and-true methods to the modern methods of the century. Don’t fall behind!

The world is changing. Technology is in the hands of nearly everybody. Incorporating an SMS payment system just might be the right option for you. Although you may have some concerns, the benefits will outweigh those thoughts as you embrace this change.

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