How Your Point of Sale System Impacts the Rate of Cart Abandonment

Point-of-sale (POS) systems have changed the ways that businesses take their payments and, in some instances, make sales. However, this incredible technology that has saved countless companies also comes with its risks. This is most commonly seen within the e-commerce industry, where making the sale depends on a smooth checkout process. If you have been noticing an increase in cart abandonment, the following information is for you.

User Experience

Having your own e-commerce business is one of the best routes to take when capital is an issue. It doesn’t take much to start one up and keep it running. However, you also take on the challenge of having customers who can leave for the competition in an instant. This is why it is so important to always make sure that the user experience in regards to your point of sale is a good one. According to Bold Commerce running into a confusing screen or one that makes them sign in within multiple windows can become a little frustrating for the customer, and when then happens you risk losing the sale. Always make sure that your checkout process is not only visually pleasing but also causes as little frustration as possible for customers.

Addressing Problems

Most issues regarding a company’s point of sale can be easily fixed. Therefore, often, the issue is not the system itself, but the talent you have looking over it. When business leaders begin to realize that their POS is the cause of most of their cart abandonment issues, the only logical step is to run through the process yourself to identify pain points. Celerant explains that POS software training and analysis can be used to identify user experience issues and how to fix them. Sometimes, they are as easy as simply downloading updates to your POS, or it could be something more serious. Nevertheless, training is crucial for finding the exact problem as fast as possible.


Among the steps you can take to identify issues regarding your POS, only the customer can give you an exact and unbiased answer as to their experience. Therefore, business leaders should always seek feedback from their customers at the end of a transaction. This will provide you with valuable data regarding aspects of your POS system that are working or could be improved upon.

Point-of-sale systems are great tools for any retailer to have. This type of technology is often the most important part of a sale, and it must be understood and maintained continuously.

Would-be customers often rely on the feedback and reviews you get from already existing customers. Watch these videos to see how our app can also help you rescue carts before they are abandoned for good!

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