How to Boost the E-Commerce Side of Your Business When Your Stores Are Closed

If you are among the number of businesses affected by the recent global Coronavirus pandemic, boosting your e-commerce sales can be a great way to recover lost financial profits. Learning how to improve your online sales can have many benefits in times of normalcy as well, and allow you greater flexibility and profit by generating an additional revenue stream. If you are interested in improving the e-commerce side of your business, continue reading!

Improve Your Checkout Experience

The importance of a good checkout experience cannot be overstated. It might surprise you to learn that the checkout experience can make or break a customer’s business transaction. If a customer encounters difficulty checking out online, it is highly likely that they will give up and take their business elsewhere. Some simple ways to improve the checkout experience for your business include offering multiple payment methods, offering a guest checkout option, being clear about shipping and delivery, and providing an intuitive checkout form.

Social Media Marketing

Improving your social media presence is a highly effective way to market your products. There are many reasons why social media is a great way to sell your products. First, around 70% of Instagram users are 35 or under, so this platform can be ideal for targeting younger consumers. Social media can also improve your brand awareness, and help you reach your specific target market. It is also a very cost-effective marketing strategy that is relatively simple to use.

Build Trust

One of the most important ways you can improve your e-commerce is through striving to build more trust with your potential customers. You should try to cultivate the same elements of personality, friendliness, customer service, and trust in your online business that you normally use when operating your physical brick-and-mortar. You can build trust by utilizing technology effectively. For example, you could host a live-stream to interact directly with customers, or provide an available chat service to answer customer questions. Building trust will make your customers and clients more at ease throughout their online shopping experience.

Although there are many other ways to boost the e-commerce side of your business, improving your checkout experience, utilizing social media, and building trust are three of the important business strategies that can help you gain and retain customers, even when you are able to operate your physical store. These three tools are even more essential when your stores are closed. Utilizing them will boost the e-commerce side of your business during times of difficulty as well as times of business prosperity.

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