PollCart Social Commerce

PollCart Social Commerce for Shopify is available to all Shopify owners with easy installation and a free trial. Check out Jim’s Guitar, a quick video overview of how PollCart boosts sales and increases referrals organically.

We use a new social commerce method where everyone agrees to participate using email and texts without spam or tricks. Visit Shopify’s app store to download PollCart now.

Increase Sales

PollCart allows online shoppers to poll family and friends about purchases processed after approval. PollCart drives sales, encouraging Social Commerce. Shoppers and their friends interact with your brand like they’re at a shopping mall.

Capture Lost Sales

PollCart gives undecided shoppers another chance to complete a sale before leaving — possibly for good — by letting them ask family and friends for their approval of the purchase.  If approved, the purchase is automatically processed, and the store gets a sale instead of an abandoned shopping cart statistic.

Customer Behavior Insights

PollCart provides its online retailers with anonymous poll results and comments for unprecedented insight into customer decision-making. Your marketing strategy will never be the same!

Easy and Free to Install

PollCart is a shopping cart plug-in that costs nothing to install. You pay only if PollCart generates sales! Get PollCart now, installation is free! No technical skills are required to install PollCart. Anyone can do it!